Public Prosecution Department established in civil secretariat of Punjab in 2005 to formulate the structure of Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service. Public Prosecution Department is a governing body, which is responsible for administration, recruitment BPS-16 and above i.e. prosecutors, officers and staff. 


After independence in 1947, Pakistan inherited British of criminal justice system. Under section 492 of Code of Criminal Procedure,1898 Provincial Government is empowered to appoint generally or for any class of cases in any local area one or more Public Prosecutors, Section 495 of the Code allows any police officer not below the rank prescribed by the Provincial Government who has not taken part in investigation of the case being tried by that court, to conduct prosecution. In the light of these provisions, the Punjab Government appointed Law Officers (Deputy District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys) from Law Department as prosecutors in Session Courts, whereas Police Legal Inspectors were allowed to conduct prosecution as Public Prosecutors in Magisterial Courts. In superior courts, prosecution in criminal cases was conducted by the Advocate General and State Counsels. In courts of special criminal jurisdiction like Anti-Terrorism Courts, special public prosecutors were appointed on contract basis to conduct prosecution. Prior to 2006, prosecution was scattered over different segments and authorities with no uniformity, thereby adversely affecting the quality of prosecution in criminal justice system. Hamood-ur-Rehman Law Commission Report published in 1971 which emphasized on separation of Prosecution from the Police Establishment but it was not implemented till 2006. As a policy Federal Government  initiated under Access to Justice program, directed the Interior Division on 16th January, 2002 to ensure establishment of an independent prosecution service in each Province. In order to implement the directions of the Federal Government, initially the criminal prosecution was placed under the administrative control of the Home Department on 21.07.2004 and subsequently Public Prosecution Department was established on 18.10.2005.