Center for Professional Development of Public Prosecutors, Punjab

Establishment of First Training Institute

Department entered into a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding in June 2012  with Punjab Police and GIZ, whereby GIZ agreed to refurbish a Training Institute for Public Prosecutors in a building owned by Punjab Police and called “Old Investigation Hall” located at Police Training College Chung. The building was completed in October 2012 and handed over to the Department along with hostel facility for 40 officers by refurbishing a building known as “New Hostel Building” in close vicinity of Training facility at PTC Chung. This training Institute is first of its kind in Pakistan. This institute is very much functional and various trainings have been conducted i.e. Induction Trainings (for Assistant District Public Prosecutors), Expert Trainings (for Deputy District Public Prosecutors, Deputy Prosecutor Generals and Additional Prosecutor Generals).



Training Hall

  • Capacity of 40 Trainees
  • Fixed with multimedia,
  • Multi-functional podium 
  • Air conditioning system
  • Energy backupin shape of 45 KVA Generator

Research Lab 

  • High Speed Computers
  • Internet Facility
  • Free Access of Pakistan Law Site.
  • Library Comprizing of 800 Legal Books.
  • Multimedia Projector
  • Air-conditioning system.

Hostel Block

  • Energy backupin shape of 45 KVA Generator
  • 21 Rooms for boarding
  • Capacity of 40 trainees
  • Dining room

Training Modules 

A Committee constituting senior prosecutors of the department was notified in November 2012 for reviewing and developing training modules with GIZ. The Committee jointly with GIZ team reviewed training modules earlier developed by the department in collaboration with MPDD and in the light of TNA Survey Report recommended updated version of Basic Induction Training Modules for ADPPs. This became the basis of Induction level training at Center for Professional Development for Public Prosecutors at Chung.

Trainings Organized 

Trainings and capacity building of prosecutors are under the domain of Public Prosecution Department.Different training Programs like Induction Training for Assistant District Public Prosecutors, Expert Training for DPPs, DPGs, APGs and DDPPs, Training of Trainer(TOTs) for Master Trainers,Regional Training for Police-Prosecution Cooperation and Drawing and Disbursing officer and Special Prosecutor Training fot Special Court.
Detail of trainings conducted during 2009 to 2014 is as under.