Directorate of Monitoring

Directorate of Monitoring was established on 28.02.2008 but it became functional on 17.04.2009. Primary responsibility of the Directorate of Inspection is to conduct inspection of prosecutorial work and functions of the Prosecution Service in accordance with the act, rules and guidelines issued by the Department. The monitoring wing shall hold as many inspection visits to different prosecution offices at any level as approved by competent Authority with the condition that each prosecution office should be monitored twice a year.The monitoring officers are authorized to enter in any Prosecution Office, Premises, and adjoining Sub Offices. Search, Seize, and to take in custody prosecution record, require production of record from the Head/In-charge of the office.Check and inspect record of office relating to administration including accounts and finance and prosecutorial record as required to be maintained by them as per Criminal Prosecution Service Act, 2006 and Prosecution guidelines.