Attached Departments

  • Prosecutor General Office
The Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service (PCPS) was established to ensure prosecutorial independence, effective and efficient service for prosecution of criminal cases, better coordination in the criminal justice system of the province and matters incidental thereto. The government exercises general superintendence over the service. The administration of the Service vests in the Prosecutor General who is also the head of the Service.
  • Director General Inspection
Directorate General of Inspection has been established to monitor and inspect the performance of  The Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service (PCPS). The officers of the Directorate General of Inspection inspect/check the case files assigned to prosecutors, standard of scrutiny of Police Reports, filing of appeals and revision petitions, location and environment of the district offices, financial management, maintenance of property and office records, complaints redressal, presence of prosecutors in the courts and implementation of provisions of the Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service (Constitution, Functions and Powers) Act, 2006.
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